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      PDP7250 PD free AC Resonant Test system

      The PDP series PD FREE AC-AC CONVERTER is suitable for inductive pressure-resistant test, local discharge test and series resonant test. With the isolation of boost transformers, reactors, bureau putter, etc. to form a voltage standing test system.
      PD FREE AC-AC CONVERTER adopts the principle of linear power amplification to convert the standard sine wave signal of variable frequency into a high-power test power supply, the waveform distortion is small, and the local discharge is less than 10pC to meet the needs of local partial discharge voltage stand test.
      PD FREE AC-AC CONVERTER is small in size and light in weight, and can be moved, suitable for field use.
      Power supply has multiple protection measures such as lack of phase protection, undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, power protection and so on. When any of the protective actions, the power supply immediately reduces the output voltage to 0 and disconnects the main circuit power supply at the same time, ensuring the safety of the test.
      The controller and the power supply section are connected by fiber optic to ensure that the users are completely isolated from the high voltage.
      Choose the wind turbine and the heat sink with a large thermal area, and use a reasonable airduct design to ensure that the power supply at the rated power for a long time.
      1. For voltage transformer induction voltage stand test and partial discharge test.
      2. For power transformer induction voltage stand test and partial discharge test.
      3. As a power supply for series resonant test equipment, it is used for voltage stand test and partial discharge test for high-voltage equipment such as circuit breaker, GIS, voltage transformer, current transformer, bushing, power cable and so on.
      4. With the start and stop button, when the boost circuit appears abnormal, press the stop button, the system immediately back to zero, cut off the main circuit, protects the safety of the test person and the tested device.
      5. The variable frequency power supply has manual mode, manual boost, automatic tuning, automatic boost function, in the low-voltage state to quickly find the resonance point, according to the set voltage automatically complete the boost work, convenient and fast.
      6. With HV voltage and HV current measurement function, set high voltage protection voltage, when the tested device’s voltage exceeds the protection value, the power supply will stop outputting to protect the tested device from damage.
      7. There is an independent synchronous power supply for the use of synchronous test frequency when the bureau's radio meter measurement bureau releases the signal.
      8. Use USB drive flash to save data and software upgrades.
      9. The LCD screen can be clearly displayed both indoor and outdoor, displaying the operating interface and test data.
      Part of variable frequency power
      1.Power plug in:Three phases 380V±10% AC;
      2.Output voltage:each phase:0~350V(RMS);
      3.Output current:each phase:0~715A(RMS);
      4.Rated output power:250kW;
      4.Output frequency:20~300Hz;
      5.Partial discharge:≤10pc;
      6.Frequency resolution:0.01Hz;
      7.Voltage measurement range:external volt-divider signal:0~400V AC(RMS),Resolution:±1%U
      8.Current socket: External clamp current transformer,resistance:10Ω,Accuracy:±1%I
      9.Synchronous power supply:20W,20VAC
      10.Continuous operating time at rated power:60min.
      11.Output voltage instability:≤1%;
      12.Operating conditions:T: -20~50℃;H≤90%RH