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      ZD2C Contact Resistance Tester (100A /200A selectable)

      ZD2C Contact Resistance Tester 100A/200A
      The risk of overheating is becoming more serious due to the fact that today’s distribution networks have to carry heavier loads. Checking contact resistance at regular intervals detects faults before they cause overheating. Contact resistance tester is used to measure contact resistances of circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, earthing switches, bus joints, bushing contact joints and welding joints. Also for any low resistance measuring application. The tester provide 100A and 200A selectable DC current, and the voltage measurement gets the voltage of tested object.The method of calculate resistance according to Ohm's law. (R=U/I)
      l Setting current output time between 1s to 60s.
      l Save the device’s series number, for checking the result conveniently.
      l Display output current,output time and resistance during testing.
      l Saving 100 test results in tester memory.
      l Built-in clock record the date.
      l The stored result includes device’s number, testing time and resistance.
      Test current: 100A and 200A selectable
      Output power: 100A mode: 1kW
                   200A mode: 2kW
      Measuring range: 100A mode: 0.1μΩ to 20000μΩ
                     200A mode: 0.1μΩ to 10000μΩ
      Accuracy: ± 0.5% rdg ± 0.2μΩ
      Resolution: 0.1μΩ to 999.9μΩ,Resolution: 0.1μΩ
                 1mΩ to 10mΩ,  Resolution: 1μΩ
                10mΩ to 20mΩ,  Resolution: 10μΩ
      Ammeter accuracy: ± 0.5% rdg ±0.1A
      Dimensions: 403×330×178mm    Weight: 8kg
      Memory capacity: 100 results
      Power supply: 198 to 264VAC  47 to 63Hz
      Environment:-20 to 50℃
      Humidity ≤90%RH   Non-condensing