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      LPT1510 Power frequency parameters of transmission lines tester

      Transmission line parameter testing

      LPT1510 Power frequency parameters of Transmission Line Analyzer
      Power-frequency parameters of long-distance extreme-high-voltage (EHV) and ultra-high-voltage (UHV) transmission lines are the basis of power system modelling and analysis, but these parameters are especially difficult to accurately measure due to the reactance-dominated nature and strong external interference. 
      HANY LPT15 series transmission line analyzer using a new variable frequency technical to measure the parameters.
      The LPT15 series power frequency parameters of transmission line analyzer is suitable for measuring overhead lines and cables power frequency parameters. Checking line phases,  measuring line DC resistance.
         The analyzer adopts all-in-one design of the all-electronic non-working frequency transformer, which has the advantages of small size, light weight and convenient carrying compared with the troditional inverter and frequency transformer structure in the market.
      The unique absorption feedback circuit technical allows the tester to withstand 10 to 100A of induction current without the need for an anti-jamming suppression device.
      The unique three-phase parallel output mode enables zero-order impedance measurement to achieve three times the induced current capability of a single-phase output mode.
      Based on variable frequency test principle, using the hardware and digital filtering technical and Fourier Transformation technical, which make the instrument get accurately measurement.
      The LPT15 series of frequency line parameters integrated tester is the perfect embodiment of modern power electronics and signal processing technology.
      1. Using variable method is used to accurately measure positive sequence short circuit impedance, positive sequence open circuit impedance (positive sequence capacitor), zero sequence short circuit impedance, zero sequence open circuit impedance (zero sequence capacitor), coupling inductor (mutual inductor), coupling capacitor, induction current.
      2. Using DC power method to check line phases.
      3. Measuring line DC resistance and convert the resistance refer to the temperature.
      4. Measuring induction voltage. A voltage divider is needed when the induced voltage beyond 750V.
      5. Built-in bluetooth, operate the analyzer via bluetooth by using mobile-phone or pad, improve safely. (Option)
      6. The analyzer adopts all-in-one design of the all-electronic non-working frequency transformer, which has the advantages of small size, light weight and convenient carrying.
      7. One time connectting can complete checking phase, measuring DC resistance and line parameters work. Improve work efficiency. Avoid dangers due to changing connectting.
      8. A combination of hardware and software anti-jamming measures, anti-frequency interference capacity up to 1000 times.
      9. Zero sequence impedance measurement uses a three-phase parallel output mode, which stand induction current ability three times than single-phase output mode.
      10.No need extra anti-jamming suppression device, the analyzer can san stand 10A to 100A induction current.(Different model)
      11. Perform boosting voltage, measuring, lowdown voltage and calculatting automatically.Save testing time.
      12. Saving current and voltage curve, analysis result on computer.
      13. The built-in large-capacity memory holds 1024 sets of data and loses power without losing data.
      14. Use USB drive to transfer test data and software upgrades.
      15. The operating interface and test data are displayed on the LCD screen, which can be clearly displayed both indoors and outdoors.
      16. High-speed thermal printers print test data.
      17. Has input power overvoltage (>270V AC) protection.
      18. Has the ungrounded prompt function of the instrument.
      1. Power supply: single phase AC198~264V,47~63Hz,功率5kVA
      2. Output voltage:three phase,0~200V(RMS)
      3. Output current:three phase,0~10A(RMS)
      4. Test frequence:42~58Hz
      5. Measuring range of capacitance:0.1~30μF ,resolution:0.01μF,
         Accuracy:0.1~1μF ±(3%C+0.01μF);1~50μF ±(1%C+0.01μF)
      6. Measuring range of resistance:0.5~400Ω,resolution:0.01Ω
      Accuracy:0.5~1Ω ±(3%Z+0.01Ω);1~400Ω ±(1%Z+0.01Ω)
      7. Measuring range of impedance angle:0~360°,resolution:0.01°
      8. DC resistance measurement range:0.02~60Ω,resolution:0.1mΩ
      Accuracy:±(0.2%R+0.2 mΩ), (The equipment will output current 2A to 4A according to the resistance
      9. Voltage measurement range:10~750V, accuracy:±(0.5%U+0.2V)
      10. Current measurement range:0.5~20A, accuracy:±(0.5%I+0.02A)
      11. Standing induction voltage:﹤30KV
      12. Standing induction current:each phase 100A,zero sequence 300A
      13. Dimension:613×488×341mm
      14. Weight: 36.1kg
      15. Enviroment:T:-20~50°;H≤90%RH
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